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— Hannah Harrington, Saving June (via larmoyante)

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Hey you…
I’m not a bad person, just made bad decisions….& I know that this doesn’t make it better and I know if you still think about it like I do… It still hurts. But sweetheart… I just wanna let you know, I saw you today.. You took my breathe away like always. I love you so much… As much as I ever did, maybe more than I ever should. Just wanted to let you know that the void I feel, cause your no longer here… Still hasn’t healed…I miss you… I miss my best friend… I’m so sorry for hurting you like I did, I wish I could take it all away.. :(.




this was too fucking amazing to not reblog, so I made it black and white.


I think this is the most romantic thing to ever happen to me
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when i see pics from my concert


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— Because I Look For You (#206: February 27, 2014)

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— J.K. Rowling (via maxkirin)

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