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if ur against breast feeding in public omfg…..you may not know this….but that’s literally what breasts are for

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Please, go support Dreamworks by seeing HTTYD2. Let us give Dreamworks a successful movie they deserve. I watched the movie and it’s fantastic one of the best Dreamworks has created. Please support this beautiful movie and Dreamworks


 make it a super big hit that breaks records that dw has enough money to make a rotg short which will be super famous that dw will make a sequel

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One of the best examples of artistic integrity on a corporate scale.


No matter how many times I see this, I never fail to be impressed by that last sentence.
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Two years ago, there was a movie called Paranorman.


It didn’t do so good at the box office, despite it being one of the most important, game changing animated movies since the Disney renaissance. It made its money back, but it wasn’t the smash hit Frozen was.

And this is a fucking tragedy.

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Michael Faudet 

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— the difference between fucking and making love  (via wins10mccall)

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